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Every summer again, since 1998, I take a great delight in running my ice cream stand.

All the sparkling children’s faces, the adult sweet tooths and the ice cream aficionados from all around the world making a stop at my stall brighten up each and every day of mine. Like the Beatles said, „Happiness is a cold ice cream scoop“. And what a pleasure for me to be able to serve some happiness to my customers.

Already in the deep of winter I long for the first few warm days of the year.

Aching for these lovely hours when I’ll be at this beautiful spot right at the lakeside again selling my delicious ice cream.
See you there.

Dani Kissling

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The quaint Hafen Riesbach can be reached easily from everywhere and quite quickly. It takes a quarter-hour stroll from Bellevue along the lake’s boardwalk. As for public transport you take tram No.2 or No.4 or bus No. 33 to “Höschgasse”, or the bus lines 912 or 916 (departing from Bellevue) to the stop “Elektrowatt”.

In close proximity of Hafen Riesbach you’ll also find the worth seeing Museum Bellerive, the Corbusier house, the Chinese Garden, a spacious children’s playground next to Blatterwiese and lots of spots to have a bath in the lake or where you can enjoy the beauty of the lake of Zurich.

Opening hours

March – October

Monday – Friday:

01:00 p.m. through Sunset

Saturday & Sunday:

02:00 p.m. through Sunset


In case of rain, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Whit Sunday and Thanksgiving


Sorbet (Vegan)

Arancia rossa – Blood orange – Blutorange
Banana – Banana – Banane
Cioccolato nero – Dark chocolate – Dunkle Schokolade
Fragola – Strawberry – Erdbeere
Frutto della Passione – Passionfruit – Passionsfrucht
Lampone – Rasberry – Himbeer
Limone – Lemon – Zitrone
Mango – Mango – Mango
Melone – Melon – Melone


Amarena – Cherry – Kirsche
Biscotto – Cookies – Kekse
Caffe – Coffee – Kaffee
Cannella – Cinnamon – Zimt
Caramello – Caramel – Karamel
Cioccolato – Chocolate – Schokolade
Cioccominto – Mint chocolate – Minze Schokolade
Cocco – Coconut – Kokosnuss
Fior di latte – Milk – Milch
Màlaga – Rum and raisins – Rum und Rosinen
Nocciola – Hazelnut – Haslenuss
Ovomaltine – Ovaltine – Ovomaltine
Pistacchio – Pistachio – Pistazie
Stracciatella – Chocolate Chips – Stracciatella
Tiramisù – Tiramisu – Tiramisu
Vaniglia – Vanilla – Vanille


Yogurt Mora – Blackberry Yoghurt – Brombeer Joghurt
Yogurt Natura – Natural Yoghurt – Joghurt Natur


1 palla – 1 scoop – 1 Kugel


2 palle – 2 scoops – 2 Kugeln


3 Kugeln



For my customers the best ice cream far and wide goes by the name of: Amore Mio.

Day in, day out, for almost 20 years now, Paulo Palumbo creates this unique and delicious ice cream out of fresh organic milk from a neighborly farm in the Zurich lowlands, which he then gently pasteurizes an immediately processes into his fantastic ice cream.

It’s not only this very special ice cream I dearly love but also all my visits at Paulo’s and our mutual philosophizing about the art of making outstanding ice cream.

That’s true love – or yes, exactly:
Amore mio!


Elefante – Elephant – Elefant, Gelati am See
Giraffa – Giraffe – Giraffe, Gelati am See
Leone – Lion – Löwe, Gelati am See
Cavallo – Horse – Pferd, Gelati am See
Zebra – Zebra – Zebra, Gelati am See

A small animal at their choice adorns the ice cream of our little guests.

A small amount of another flavour delight our taller guests.

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Daniel Kissling
+41 79 440 22 12

There are a lot of good reasons to send me an email: Suggestions, feedback, criticism, pictures of my ice cream stand, stories about your favorite ice cream stalls in other parts of the world and notifications about larger orders are always very welcome!

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